Katrina's 10th Anniversary is Opening Wounds

We’re sick of hearing about it. Or rather, people I know are. I am. Making plans for the weekend, my friend, who experienced Katrina firsthand, said, “so, are you going to do any...Katrina stuff?” I said no, I don’t really want to. And she said, “thank Christ. I don’t need any help remembering Katrina.” Someone on NPR… » 8/27/15 10:38pm Yesterday 10:38pm

When Your Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather Isn't A Complete Disgrace

I know very little about my father’s family. He died when I was a toddler, and so I wasn’t as close to that side as I might have otherwise been. There were a few family legends and tidbits of information—we were early European settlers in Georgia. There was something about the fact that the first of our family to… » 8/27/15 9:18pm Yesterday 9:18pm

Things I will never understand, not in a million years

Why dudes think the HAHA MADE YOU LOOK school of communication is a good choice. Is it that I have an unusually high bar to meet, or that most men really are as emotionally incapable as I think, or somewhere in between? Also, this was an accidental right swipe. The guy is “semi-famous” and seems to think that’s why… » 8/27/15 8:16pm Yesterday 8:16pm