Today's "Holy god, people are unbelievably entitled" moment...

There’s a park a few blocks from me where I walk my dogs. It’s a lovely space, large, lots of trees and shade, great play equipment, several pavilions, and there’s usually at least one birthday party each weekend day, today being no exception. Generally this is great—people are nice, and both the dogs and I enjoy… » 8/01/15 5:14pm Today 5:14pm

Why Vegans Shouldn't Swallow - A Pro-Life Manifesto

Vegans and unethical swine (no offense meant to swine, it is hard to combat the ingrained anthropocentrism of our language) of the world, I come to you to deliver a manifesto. Vegans, you have been hoodwinked, tricked into believing that you have succeeded at ethical consumption. But the world conspires against your… » 8/01/15 4:53pm Today 4:53pm

Inform This One of Your Workout "Hacks"

Don’t you just fucking hate it how everyone uses the word “hack” as in, “hacker”, as if you can somehow Matrix your life by fucking with the code but barely anyone knows how to actually fucking code and didn’t the word “hack” used to mean that fucking Hemingway kid who had the great novel somewhere in his mind but was… » 8/01/15 2:47pm Today 2:47pm