Behold My Future (Edited)

So the good news is that we’re definitely leaving Kansas.

... the bad news is that we’re moving to Oklahoma.

Culturally, it’s not an improvement. Weather-wise, I may die. Professionally ... who the hell knows. It definitely marks my exit from academia, which ... I think I might be glad about. I’m coming around to the…


So I have the trip of a lifetime coming up next week, 10 days in South America with my son. 6 days will be in Bolivia. I’ve been going my merry travel-preparing-ish way thinking that I will get a visa for Bolivia when I get there, that that’s standard procedure. Then I get a Lonely Planet guide and it says get one…


The Price of Vigilance

In order to get to the women’s bathroom at Radio City Music Hall, you have to pass through an old-fashioned sitting room lined with yellow upholstered sofas and tan leather chairs. Painted onto the walls are murals of ladies in various stages of powdering their noses. It’s a familiar ritual: women helping women get…