Bike Selfies

Thought I follow up on Nasty Crone’s idea in one of her comments.

Show us your bicycles and tell us a bit about your trusted version of transportation. What do you love best, what do you hate the most? How is it biking where you live?
How do you transport stuff? Rack, basket, panniers, trailer, backpack?

Music theme of the week

This week’s theme is ‘strong female vocals’! Not every great singer is a Beyonce but this week is a celebration of songs by or featuring female groups/artists that have impactful vocals. Please try to check each other’s songs and chat about whether you’re into them :)

Music theme of the week rules:
1. You should share a…


Unplugging techniques

I’m coming to the conclusion that I may need to cut way back on my non-work time online, largely because as soon as I’m plugged in I’m connected to work. Now I really like my job, but never disconnecting from work-brain is unhealthy and I need to make sure I can at least switch off from work evenings and weekends for…