Were you happy with the way you were engaging with GT, GT? Well GT might be too polite to tell you, but there are some things GT does that GT hates. We asked GT what they thought of how GT writes, and here are GT's Top 10 GT Trends that GT Hates!


1) Depressing stuff: You might be enjoying your mental illness or personal crisis, GT, but GT doesn't need to hear about it 24/7! Give GT a break sometimes! But remember that GT really loves hearing about your mental illnesses and personal crises, so be sure to write about those instead.

2) Happy stuff: Some people don't have things as good as you, GT. When you announce your great new job or relationship it's really hard on GT, so maybe you could be a bit more considerate. Also GT can be a bit of a downer sometimes, so how about some more positive stuff?


3) Sharing comments: Hey GT! GT knows you are clever, so you don't need to show it off by sharing your comments! Let them live in the thread! Just remember that GT loves it when you share your comments because GT doesn't always get to see your clever comments unless you share them. But if you do share your comments GT will unshare them, and GT really hates it when people unshare GT's comments.

4) "I got posting rights" posts: GT finds these posts really irritating, GT. We'll find out you have posting rights when you actually have something to say! Also GT is so happy to hear you got posting rights, so it's great when you share your news.

5) Try-hard posts: When you write in that clickbait, mainpage tone, GT thinks you are a real try-hard. And while we're at it, GT really enjoys those more serious posts and is really happy to see you get mainpaged, so you should think about doing that more.


6) Tone policing: GT hates it when you tell GT how GT should feel. It's bullshit and it has to stop. Which leads me too...

7) Drama llama: GT wishes GT would just chill out a bit and stop overreacting to everything GT says. It's not about you GT.


8) Trigger warnings: The real world doesn't have trigger warnings GT, so you might as well get over your PTSD. But make sure when you tell GT your good news about getting over your PTSD (which you shouldn't do because we don't need all your saccharin Pollyanna stuff to remind us how bad we have it) that you use a trigger warning because it might be triggering for GT.

9) Oppression Olympics: Just because you have it worse than GT it doesn't mean GTs problems aren't real, ok? This is not a zero-sum game. And while you are off complaining about how badly you are doing in the Oppression Olympics, do you realise that someone else didn't even qualify? God, you are insensitive, GT!

10) Hypocritical parody posts: Most of all GT hates it when you complain about how GT's complaints censor GT by censoring GT's censoring. Don't ever do that. GT won't stand for that sort of crap.