Have you guys seen this? It's actually pretty awesome, but I have to say, I hate that no one understands this simple concept until a white dude says it. Like, this information is not news... Women have been saying this shit for AGES.

But that said, I really enjoyed it! And it was cute how shaky his hands were.

ETA: There's a TON of debate in the comments about why this poem is in fact bullshit because "that's not what friend zone means" (umm, okay?). So, I invite you all to define, in as precise terms as you can, what your interpretation of the friend zone is.


My personal understanding is that the mythical friend zone is a situation in which a guy (or girl, but usually guy) has unstated, unrequited feelings for another person, and sticks around doing nice things (read, being a friend) under the impression that a certain number of nice things will magically open up the possibility of a sexual/romantic relationship with the object of their affection, and is pissed/affronted when they discover that no, the person still does not want to fuck them. This is closely linked to Nice Guy™ Syndrome, in which the crush-er cannot understand why the crush-ee won't sleep with them/be with them because he's "such a nice guy and you only date assholes!"

My understanding is that the term speaks to the male entitlement in our culture, and the idea that a man is owed sex for being a decent person. (A cookie, if you will). It highlights the idea that a woman's company is only desirable if it is a gateway to sex/romance, and is not desirable in and of itself.


Guy Discovers That The FriendZone Is Bullshit [Updated]

So, based on that definition, the friendzone to me, is bullshit.