Any of you guys use these? I have to drink a FUCKTON of water with my topamax so I don't get kidney stones and I still feel like I'm dry all the time. My throat has been really hurting me lately because it's so dry. I really don't think I'm drinking enough. I don't drink anything else but water and as much as I like water I feel like it be easier to drink more if I had a little flavor. I know a lot of those packet things have a lot of sugar in them. So I don't want a lot of sugar, and I definitely don't want aspartame. I don't need much flavor just something. I'm going to try to start working out here soon, but I've been worried about working out and getting dehydrated so I definitely need to drink MOAR water.

ETA : Not a fan of Lemon or Lime so adding those won't work and I can't taste carbonation with the topamax so no bubbly water.

ETA 2 : I'm not planning on using these all day just every now and again to break up the monotony so it's cool if there is some sugar in them just not a TON and still no aspartame that shit gives me a stomach ache.