Depression bites. The things that feed it, are often caused by it (I'm talking about a living area that's a fucking disaster to be specific). And a lot of the hints and tips people have for organizing and cleaning and so on are designed by and for people who aren't dealing with the added burden of mental illness. But here a few things that might help.

Hint 1: Screw the planet.

Look, I know, environmentalism is super important. I consider myself a bit of a hippie. But when I have to chose between expending my energy on just making it through the day emotionally or doing dishes, guess which is my number one choice! Buuuuut...there is a a way to go easy on yourself without resigning to a life lived in filth.

Mother. fucking. paper. plates.


Disposable everything! Plates, napkins, cutlery, cups! It's not a permanent solution (remember, we don't actually want to kill the planet) and it's not a solution for those who cannot currently afford it, but if you can swing it, it can be a huge help to temporarily remove a daily chore (and a huge one if you've got a partner/kids/etc. adding to the dish pile).

Hint 2: Easy Eating

Look, most of us ideally want to eat fresh, home-cooked, healthy meals with lots of greens and lentils and local cheese and shit. That's great. But now is not the time to worry about being some perfect pseudo-Martha.


If you're feeling up to cooking, cook easy. Slow cookers are your friend. So are pre-made meal plans, especially 5 Dinners in 1 Hour. Minimal effort for five days worth of dinner? Excellent!

But you know what, there is no shame in Lean Cuisine. You do what you gotta do. A microwave TV dinner is still better than potato chips and Little Debbie washed down with soda (no....of course I've never done that...what are you talking about?).

Hint 3: (for the economically privileged) Hire Help

A cleaning service every two weeks will make a huge difference in your life. It gets your house totally spotless which will lift your mood, promise! And if you schedule regular cleaning in advance, you'll be less likely to cancel, which means you'll be more likely to pick up enough junk that you're not embarrassed by clutter the day the cleaners come. Fear of embarrassment will motivate you to pick up and can help break you out of a rut.

And cleaners aren't the only option for hired help. Consider babysitters, grocery delivery, online personal assistants, and other helpers appropriate for your situation. I've never been able to afford hired help, but I won a few months of house cleaning once and it was one of the best things that's EVER happened to me.

If you can't quite afford to hire people, but you do have some wiggle room in your budget, consider hint 4...

Hint 4: Hire Robots!

It's not quite a Jetson's world...but there are robots and computer programs and so on that can help automate our lives, lifting some of the burden of self and home care off our sad, pathetic shoulders. Maybe a robot vacuum is just what you need to keep the filth at bay. Perhaps a robot lawn mower would be more helpful. Or could a auto-cleaning litter box be just what this online-author-who-is-not-a-doctor-and-is-in-no-way-dispensing-medical-advice ordered? Or maybe not?

Hint 5: Just Say "Fuck It!"

You're sick. Forgive yourself for not getting more shit done. If your best friend broke her leg, would you get on her case about not mopping? No? OK then, so cut yourself some slack. Depression is a legit health issue, despite some people's ill-informed attitudes about mental issues. So go ahead, just say "fuck it!"

eta: from TheWL who is a ghost

Hint 6: Want to do it? Do it.

If at any point during your depression you discover that there is something you ACTUALLY want to do that is not:

a) cripplingly expensive

b) involving mind-altering substances

c) harmful to recovery

JUST GO DO IT. Wanting to do things is so fucking rare during depression, it's not even funny. Want to on-demand that film? DO IT. Want to try on hats? DO IT. Want to eat frosting from a jar? GO TO TOWN. Your mental illness and all the shit you have to do will keep.