EDIT: I’m bumping this up to see if I can get extra suggestions/suggested edits. As a pretty long-running internet community, we’ve built up a good few running/inside jokes. This can look cliqueish/exclusive to a newcomer, especially if we don’t have available explanations, so . . . Help me put together a reference post! I’ll start with a few that come to mind and I can easily find links for, and I can continue to build as necessary. What am I missing? Do you have better explanations? Links?

“The Hivemind”, “Hive Vagina”, and the origins of “Groupthink” as a community name: If there’s one think you’ll find as a pattern here, it’s that we tend to adopt the “insults” people hurl at us because we find them so ridiculous they’re hilarious. Or, we think it’s ridiculous that they think it’s supposed to be an insult (see: “Lesbian” or “Feminist”). From probably the beginning, there’s been a certain element of antagonists who spend a hell of a lot of time and effort trolling around Jezebel to demonize its StrawFeminist image of the commentariat as some amorphous Irrational Angry Feminazis who all think alike, completely ignoring the fact that all the disagreement and debate in the comments pretty much invalidates any accusation of consensus thinking. There was, however, a general consensus that the accusations that we’re some sort of Hive mind of uncritical consensus thinking are pretty hilarious. So, the terms “hive mind” and “hive vagina” came into use, and about the time that Jezebel introduced forums through hashtags, #groupthink got its start as an off topic forum where people just chatted about random stuff and life. As it stands now, Groupthink does have some common values, primarily in explicitly identifying as Feminist, trying (with varying success sometimes) to be aware of privilege and intersectionality, trying (with varying success sometimes) to be a safe space for commenters, and trying (with varying success sometimes) to follow the Mod’s Golden Rule of “Don’t Be a Jerk”. If there is any more specific information on this, it’s beyond my ken.

*If someone has a better explanation or things to add, please comment. I feel a bit of an impostor making blanket statements about the group as a whole.*

Lentils: Lots of us really do like lentils, really! We just don’t think it’s a magical solution to malnourishment / poor diet in impoverished circumstances. This comment thread is a pretty good example of the sentiment behind “lentils” comments. Lentils may be yummy cheap protein, but they can’t fix food snobbery or classism any better than they can magically fix the existence of obesity, poverty, food deserts, etc.


Persephone Magazine’s Roundup

“Lesbian Shitasses” / #ScottBaioRuinsEverything: This is an old one, and possibly mostly forgotten at this point but it was awesome and I refuse to let it be forgotten. It fits under the “ridiculous attempts at insults” heading (“Lesbian” . . . not an insult. “Shitasses” . . . just plain ridiculous.)

”You Lesbian Shitasses”: Scott Baio’s Wife Rants On Facebook

A Complete Timeline of Scott Baio’s Meltdown

It gets noted on HuffPo and ONTD.

Slay Belle makes “Lesbian Shitass” t-shirts and hands them out to people who find her at Jon Stewart’s “Rally for Sanity”.

The pictures are a thing of beauty:

“Too Candid for Your Blood” : Once upon a time, Kirov rescued a kitty from near certain death by traffic and posted a “Found Cat” ad to Craigslist. A creepy guy was not okay with this. In the ensuing email exchange, he uttered the immortal phrase. The Hivemind decided it would be an excellent tag for Groupthink. . . (or really, people thought it was funny and it got stuck up as a tag just because).

“Do You Even Pubmed?”: As Non explains it, “There was a funny thread with a possible troll or super-serious archer enthusiast who complained that Jennifer Lawrence should not play Katniss because she lacks bow skills. When challenged on his/her thesis that an actor must possess the skills if the character portrayed, the troll replied with the famous Pubmed line.”Here are the links I have so far since the original thread seems to be deleted. . .



“Inane”: Princess Fluffybutt was followed around by a troll who apparently thought it was normal to kinja-stalk somebody and abuse them because they post “inane” stuff about their life. The troll thought the Lurkers Supported Her in Email. I can categorically state we did not. :p

Team Pie vs. Team Cake:

The Original Cake Vs. Pie Tournament on Jezebel

Serious Eats thinks this is awesome.

Team Pie is Champion!

Kemperboyd adds: “ Cake v Pie was never ever settled because Cheesecake won and is clearly claimable by both sides. I thought we all agreed to never mention it again because it’s a touchy subject that will tear our community asunder?”

I am firmly Team Pie, and the President agrees with me.

Marilyn Monroe’s Dress Size / Manatee as a unit of body weight: For a long while, there was a seemingly neverending stream of commenters making completely original comments on how “ Marilyn Monroe was a size X in modern sizing and blah blah blah” any time a weight/size/body image article got posted on Jez. Jezebel’s “Final Comment” on Marilyn Monroe’s dress size didn’t really stem the flow as much as hoped.

Because Jezebel used to be much more strict when it came to forbidding weight discussions using number measurements, some commenters adopted “manatee” as a way of referencing their weight to avoid giving “numbers” for bodyweight in discussion.


Mr. Cockbib — A truly special man, and the source for “cockbib” as an insult: Okay, so a very odd entrepreneur came up with an idea for a product that Tracie Egan Morrisey thought was hilarious and not conducive to attracting or keeping a sexual partner. He responded with a Crap Email from a Dude. And another one. The Jezzie commentariat decided the product name was perfect for an insult and it got Urban Dictionaried. So, we got another Crap Email From a Dude.

The Diva Cup Army: Those of us who have menstrual cups and love them can get a little too enthusiastic in sharing how wonderful they are. We don’t mean to be an army, really. We just accidentally end up praising its benefits in lockstep! And since Jezebel has been a place where squidgy menstrual stuff has been discussed since Moe talked about her stuck tampon in 2007, it’s a place the menstrual cup club feels comfortable talking about periods! OB Tampon fans are usually happy to join in too. Things really kicked off in 2010 when Dodai wrote about her “Bloody Initiation into the Diva Cup Cult”. Some of the commentariat had very strong opinions about this. As Chritter notes, “The First Rule of Diva Cup Club is: You always talk about Diva Cup Club.” As a card carrying member of the club, I feel the need to point out that the Diva Cup may be the most well-known menstrual cup, but there are many other ones and the Diva may not be the ideal fit. (In fact, I feel the need to point this out just about any time the discussion starts. Then I usually link to http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com in case people want more info. Yup, there I go again.)

The Neverending Pubes Argument: Whatever your choice of body hair length and no matter how much societal standards may or may not have influenced your choice, a hairless adult mons pubis looks nothing like a pre-adolescent mons pubis. Intimating that preferring shaven/waxed is akin to preferring children /looking like a child is idotic. It is known.


“Boner Soup”: This tag is pretty much unique to GhostOfCourtneyStoddensBoobs (formerly MedusaAsudem). As she says, “Boner Soup is just something I heard in a stand up that sounded hilar. For some weird reason, months ago, I started using it as a tag... And it stuck. You know, it starts as a one off, then again, and again, until its sort of “my thing”. Sometimes its a curse. Sometimes I wish I’d gone with Wolf Pussy instead. Sometimes I refer to secks as “making a big shweddy pot of Boner Soup.””

Bunny Bombing: Our resident spirit guide, Burt Reynolds is My Spirit Guide a.k.a. BRIMSG a.k.a Rebecca Rose, decided one day to try a new way of dealing with a stupid one-word comment instead of dismissing it . . . be dismissive by giving them a nice fluffy bunny. It turned out to be a successful tactic and quite popular. Barleycheer has written up a guide to the Bunny Bomb, so consult it and use the weapon of mass cuteness with care.

Kookaburracho requests: “I’ve been a little light on GT-ing for the last week or so and I’ve missed the establishment of Groupthink by Night and SorciaThink and GroopPrude (I think) and the handful of other title changes GT has briefly undergone. I’d love an explanation of those!”

Holiday Names:

Living in Squalor: See again — Ridiculous attempts at insults trying to attack a diverse group as a single organism. http://groupthink.jezebel.com/we-need-a-new-…

WillTheyorWontThey pointed out the origins of “Squalor” here: In short, it was the person attempting to insult the entire forum and all its members by saying:

“The fact that they do a lot of arm chair psychology is because, for the most part, they’re all mentally ill over there. Think about the general threads over there. The inability to hold jobs, the inability to make and maintain healthy relationships, all of them seem to live in squalor and are unable to clean their spaces, having Internet strangers become responsible for your basic needs like food or shelter.”

Which was beautifully followed up by Bingo, Carlos’ laconic comeback:

“I want to type a response but rats and cockroaches keep running over my dirty cheeto-stained keyboard.”