So the in-laws visited today, which meant lots of running around and hiding our squalor behind closet doors. Luckily they didn't open them!! (Whew) Sadly it meant missing the SoCal meet up :'[ So now I'm lying in my fresh made bed, looking at my vacuumed and mopped floors and dreading opening my closet doors.

Oh and I'm exhausted because I spent today operating in my third language, which I'm not really that fluent in...sigh. Once I'm done with grad school, I suspect I'm going to have to give up on studying more of my ancestor's language and just concentrate on Mandarin just to make family relations easier. I hope I can return to Chinuk Wawa in a few years...


On second thought, the bathtub is clean for the first time in a long time...maybe it's time for a soak and a glass of wine. Sadly, I've missed out on Groupdrink..oh well..