The job market for flutists has been particularly abysmal this academic year, which is ... probably fine, because if I stay in one place I can focus on our combined marital finances. (His were not in great shape ever; mine aren't fantastic after a year of less than part-time work.)

Still, there are ... jobs. The one I'm looking at is like a full-time version of what I'm doing now. That is to say: it's not totally What I Want to Do, but it would be salaried and have benefits, and is in a state/city where FluterDude could conceivably go back to school for his terminal degree while I supported us on said salary and benefits. I am in favor of both these things. (I also know more music folks in that region and like to pretend I'd be asked to play more? But this is not necessarily a fact, and so it only belongs in the parenthesis of justification processes.)

Whether or not this job is even remotely worth the time and resources it takes to apply depends largely upon the salary. Alas, the salary is not listed.

How does one go about finding out the going rate for a position in a state/area where they do not live? I've looked at and it says a number, but I've looked up FluterDude on and the number it says isn't the number that he makes, so I'm skeptical.

Is there a better way to guestimate? They do not teach flutists these things in flute school, so your input is appreciated.

Adulting Assistance Request