Hi guys, as you probably? maybe? know, one of my big passions, as they say on reality tv, is British travel. I've travelled the length and breadth of this island and all around many of our adjacent islands. There are always always more places to go but I make it a mission. I never, ever get sick of the variety of landscapes that can be found in a tiny, overpopulated country, and can never really process how it is that there is so much open space.

Even within each of the three nations that make up Great Britain there is a tremendous amount of variety. Because winter is miserable I prefer to look forward to spring and would like to show you a few of the landscapes I love in England, which is where I live, in the spring. Pictures borrowed from the googles...

There are bluebell woods. In more established woods, some of them ancient, there are carpets of bluebells in the spring. I always saw pictures in the newspapers each year but couldn't really access them because no car. The first year I had a car I went to bluebell woods and now I go every year to at least one. There are plenty accessible from London and now I even know some you don't need a car for!

There is the Cricklade fritillary field. This houses the majority of all Fritillaria meleagris in Britain.

Let's get a closer look at those flowers. Checkerboards!

On the moors, the heather erupts in beautiful purple blossoms over the rugged landscape:

A relative newcomer to the British farming scene, rapeseed (known as Canola in North America) is taking up more and more arable land. It has had a mixed response but I still think that the vast fields of yellow flowers are mighty impressive, especially because the patchwork nature of British farms means that there is always a field you can get into to wander around.

There are poppy fields as well but these are much, much more sporadic. I've seen small ones but still am trying to find one like below. They're a bit hard to track down, but I'm on the case.

There's also the traditional English haymeadow. This is a disappearing habitat, sadly, though there are people trying to keep it alive.

There are the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs on the south coast

These are just a few scenes that I love...I could go on for hours so I'll stop there. I'm really looking forward to spring. :)