It is done.

I walked into the shop and I was like, I'm here to get my nipples pierced, and the guy was like, yeah that'll be with me, and immediately took me to a room (along with my friend) and did the thing (after cleaning and sterilizing and all, obviously). Not gonna lie, it was painful. The first one felt mostly like, um, a purple nurple that hurt more than usual, the second one was a lot more painful. My friend said she could tell cause I was squeezing her hand a lot harder at that point. All in all though I was there for about 15-20 minutes, and the actual piercing part took about 2 minutes*.

Then we went drinking all afternoon. Recommended? Perhaps not. But the piercing guy did say "you're gonna need an Irish coffee after this", so I feel like he gave me the green light.


Oh and I inquired about the tattoo artist I wanted to meet with, and she's booked til October :| I even brought my pictures and all! But at least it will give me time to save more money for it.

*ETA: and yes, I'm quite pleased with the result!


Nipples: pierced.