She's now taken to emailing me (and my fiance) marriage tips. I think I am going to start emailing her articles titled, "Things never to say to your daughter-in-law", etc.

After the engagement party that she threw for us, she decided to tell me that my fiance is such a good fiance and will be such a good husband because he takes my anxiety into consideration; she knows that I am "such an anxious person." She also talked about my mom mentioning being nervous about driving in severe weather as proof that I got my anxiety from my mom. Ok, first: I have never been diagnosed with anxiety issues. Second: She is the source of 95% of anxiety in my life. Third: Don't fucking armchair diagnose my mom.

She also told me that she was SHOCKED when he started telling her, "I have to talk to Reno about that" rather than just doing whatever she tells him she wants to do. But she understands that's "how it has to be" and she will accept it, but she won't stop telling us what she wants us to do. SWELL.