Yup, that about says it all.

I'll start with the hobby part: Everyday I get home from work, make dinner for my husband and kid (except for when I don't; sometimes Mr. Raptor makes a very yummy dinner if I work late), play with the little raptor and put her to bed, and then Mr. Raptor will play a video game and I will watch something on Netflix, and then I go to sleep.

It's getting boring. My kid goes to bed at around 8, and I go to bed at around 11. Three hours of free time per day, and I spend it laying on the couch watching TV. Now, this is not to say I'm not active. I get in a good workout at least five days a week. It's not something physical I'm craving, I don't think. I don't know what it is. I crochet while I watch TV sometimes, but not always because it gets a little tedious and boring. I love to read, but I only do it during my lunch break at work, or right before bed.


So, there's that.

The next part: Teeth.


Ugh. The dentist is my phobia. I literally cannot. The last time I went, to remove two teeth that I had root canals in, but the root canals fell out, I guess? And the teeth abscessed and were removed. There were the two teeth on the bottom right in front of my wisdom teeth. Anyway, I went to the dentist one time, and just walked right out of the room, quietly, when no one was looking, and went home. My husband was so mad, haha. The second time, my husband called and explained to the dentist that if he did not put me under, like as soon as I walked in, I would sneak out again. So that's what they did. It cost $800 more than it should have, but it was literally the only way I could get the procedure done.

Now I live in a different state, have no dentist, and I think my wisdom teeth on the top and bottom on the right side are compacted or something. They've hurt since yesterday. My wisdom teeth have been in my mouth, just fine, for four or so years now, and have never bothered me until yesterday. I'm sort of hoping it's just a phase they're going through... Because it gonna take a lot more than this little pain to make me find a dentist I trust, go see him and let him take x-rays, and then possibly remove my teeth.

I blame my whole dental phobia on my parents. I have no memories of going to the dentist at all between the ages of 8 and 17. When I went at 17, I went to get those root canals done. The same root canals that fell out a couple years later. And a couple years after that (I know; I know; the fillings fell out and I should have went to the dentist immediately, but my brain doesn't rationalize phobia) the teeth had to be pulled.

So, there you go! Hobby suggestions and a dentist rant. Thanks!