When Did You Learn to Cook?

I didn't want to de-rail a previous post. But I just came to the realization that my experience with cooking is really not all that normal, and I don't know what is normal for this.

When my parents split up when I was 10, I became the cook at my dad's house (which we spent half the time at). I ended up being mostly self-taught from recipes my mom would make and I would ask her to write down the directions. This lead to me being proficient in the kitchen very early on. By 12 I could cook a proper meat, starch and veggies kind of dinner easily and by 16 it was expected that I could do a full Christmas dinner for 20+ people.

When did you learn how to cook and who taught you? If you never really learned, how does that affect your day-to-day life? What was the food situation for you growing up (mom cooked, always ate takeout etc.)?


And most importantly, what do you think is "normal" when it comes to cooking abilities and when you're "supposed" to have gained them?