Inspired by this post, I've decided to share with y'all one of the best ideas I've ever had - the Google Game.

The Google Game is a something that my brother and I invented a few years ago one boring weekend afternoon. I was googling some celebrity and the suggestions that came up were so funny that I turned to my brother and said, "You'll never guess what comes up when I type So-and-so's name into Google!" My brother actually tried to guess (unsuccessfully) and then we started googling and guessing at all kinds of things. We soon learned that the best results come from googling a partial sentence like...



And thus the Google Game was born. Here's how I play it in a group:

Assign someone to be the Googler (or rotate this position with every round among the teams/players). The Googler then comes up with a partial sentence to google. The teams/players have 30 seconds to come up with their best guess for the most popular suggestion. The team/player with the highest ranked suggestion wins, and everyone else (including the Googler, if they want) drinks. If none of the teams/players guess one of the suggestions, everyone drinks. The game ends when someone has reached an agreed-upon number of points, or no one is sober enough to continue playing!


TIP: You'll need to ban certain guesses because they always come up for certain searches. For example, "PopularCeleb GorgeousFace is" will almost certainly give "ugly" as the top suggestion. If you see a pattern emerge, place a ban on that guess and keep playing!