So when I picked up the peep from daycare Friday she was the last infant at the center and there were only a handful of older kids left. They condense everyone down to a room or two by the end of the day but the infants are always in the infant room. I go there, see the peep's carseat and there's no one in there. Hmm? NBD I just wander around the halls (the rooms all have big windows you can see in) searching for someone to ask. I see a girl standing outside of a room down the hall I recognize. She asks "Oh are you the peep's mom?" I say yes and walk towards her. Then a second girl, holding the peep steps into the hall and says "Oh sorry. I had to get my peep fix for the day." I look at my baby and say "Are you popular?" and in unison both girls say "Oh yes. She's everyone's favorite." :-)