Game of Thrones spoilers.

A quick refresher course on Tyrion and Shae's love story: Tyrion kidnaps a prostitute, asks her to be his prostitute, takes her back to his home, treats her kind of shitty for the most part and then sends her away without discussing it with her and she's the "evil bitch" here?

Are people for fucking real?

Whether or not you think she ever loved him, which the show seems to argue that she did, what he did to her and with her was fucked up and, frankly, even if he'd been the nicest john ever, she was still his property rather than his girlfriend. And let's be real — she likely didn't jump into Tywin's bed of her own accord.

I literally cannot deal with the Game of Thrones fandom sometimes.

(edited 6/17 as a result of some of the discussions below which took issue with my assessment of the relationship).