After a really rotten few days, I finally have something great to report!

So, I've been having hives for no bloody good reason (no, this isn't the great thing to report). Not tied to eating anything, drinking anything, a time of day, a temperature change, anything. Concerning for many reasons, the most time sensitive of which being the fact that I'm getting married in under 2 months and I keep getting them ON MY FACE.

So I went to the doctor, was referred to an allergist. IN JULY. So I went back to the doctor and explained the situation and ask if there were things she could suggest to get me through the wedding without, you know, itchy blotch face. And she said "That really sucks...I'll see what I can do."

And who just called? The allergist. When do I have an appointment? TOMORROW.

So, to my doctor:

Also, I mentioned "Soooo looks like I'm going to be on my period for the wedding." I'm on a copper IUD and... it's a whole painful and bloody mess (literally), which she knows. And I'm wearing a form fitting white dress for the wedding.


Before I finished the sentence, she was reaching for her handy dandy hormonal birth control chart to tell me which one I should start taking now to not mess up my hormone levels too much and so I can take 2 packs back to back.

She's amazing. I've honestly never had a doctor so wonderful.