Whine: My office is 47 fucking degrees fahrenheit right now. I have shit to do. I have a space heater cranked up as high as it will go, and I can't even feel it even though it's right next to me. My fingers are quickly getting too cold to type, but I won't be able to type with my gloves on. Stupid heating system.

PSA: Dangley metal earrings + sub-freezing temperatures = VERY COLD EARS.

And now, a question for the sciencey peoples:

Why is it that, most people when you stand very near them, you don't really feel their radiant body heat, but then there's this one guy who I can tell if he's within a foot of me because it's like standing next to a fire? And he's not a particularly "hot-blooded" individual. The people I have known who were human furnaces didn't have this same radiant heat effect. (I am thinking about this because a) I'm a curious person, and b) My office is 47 degrees. I would like to invite him to come stand right behind me and warm me up. That wouldn't be totally weird, right?)