TW guns, death

This pisses me off in so many ways.


I grew up mostly in a rural area. I learned to shoot around age 8, with a BB gun. I began shooting rifles around age 12, doing target practice and accompanying adults on hunting trips, which was typical. Many times I was left with enormous bruises from the rifle kickback, because it takes strength and focus to control the rifle, especially if you're a relatively small person (by 12 I was roughly the same size I am as an adult). I also was allowed to shoot handguns in target practice, but I had a lot of trouble maintaining control as the gun would kick up when fired. I was probably 18 before I could handle a handgun with confidence, and I still have to be attentive to rifle kickbacks. (I rarely shoot anymore; only when I visit family. I've lived in a city for years and don't have any interest in owning a gun. Someone who uses guns regularly would probably be better at it.)

All this is to say, who in the hell would imagine that a little child could handle an machine gun? You can see a video of her and the gun here (it does not show the instructor's death):


He had her fire once—ONCE—and then switched it to automatic. Most children raised to handle guns responsibly will learn to shoot over a period of months or years. No child that size could be expected to handle an Uzi. I don't think I could handle an Uzi. I don't think most adults without training could. Certainly an adult would shoot more than once and become comfortable with the gun before switching to automatic.

It's sad when anyone dies in an accident, but I don't think it's out of line to mention the words Darwin Award here. I feel terrible for the child who will grow up knowing she accidentally killed a man. But it blows my mind that apparently no further action will be taken. How can this gun range be allowed to remain open? Why isn't there consideration of stricter regulation of gun ranges or age restrictions? What about the parents? How is it a crime to leave your child at a park if you're poor and black, but these people aren't even being investigated by CPS or required to take parenting classes after letting their daughter shoot a goddamn Uzi? Yeah, I know the answer is something about the 2nd amendment and why do I hate freedom? But I'm appalled.

Incidentally, the same thing happened in Connecticut a few years ago, only the child shot and killed himself. CT did pass restrictions on machine gun use by children under 16.