It’s easy to get comfortable when you are lucky enough to live in a liberal area, work for a gay friendly international company, and work with mostly like minded people. I let my guard down and even chat politics. Especially lately. For the record, I am also a white, liberal lady. I have a work colleague who is pretty appalled by Trump. We chat. She’s nice enough. She is much farther along in her career than I am so makes a bit more money. However, her financial situation is very different from mine. While we aren’t too far apart in salary, my salary is the only salary in my family. Her’s is just sort of extra on top of her husband’s and he earns significantly more than us. So we are work peers, but have really different lifestyles. She lives in a very expensive neighborhood and condo in DC. Her friends are all pretty wealthy and have a certain lifestyle. I know all this, but I’m still shocked by how far up her ass that her head is.

We were chatting about the women’s march. Then about the possible scientist’s march on washington. Then we got onto the topic of DC pride turning into a march. I mentioned how nice it would be if this resulted in a shift towards a more inclusive PRIDE that better represented the true queer community and the demographics of DC. She actually said that she presumed the demographics of the DC queer community were the same as her gym (popular with rich, white, gay guys) and her condo building. Then she seemed to want a cookie for having some rich, white, gay dude friends. When I told her that was really not representative of the queer community in the country or DC and that I and many people felt disconnected from events that seemed to be planned by and for white gay guys, she actually looked at me like I had 5 heads. She seemed offended that I had a different take on queer culture than she did.

How does a person who lives in DC and rides metro every day not notice that it isn’t a majority white city? Does she think only white people are gay? Does she think lesbians have much in common with white gay dudes? Does she know trans people exist.


I need to stop trying.

I also think I’ve really articulated my feelings and opinions poorly in this rant. I just don’t know how to describe it properly.


I also realize someone is going to tell me I’m being unfair and DC PRIDE is inclusive. I just think the entire gay community has a long way to go towards being inclusive and I’m hopeful that it will happen.