One more time with feeling! The top 5 movies post was so much fun, but there was not nearly enough judging. So I'm throwing down the gauntlet! All time top 5 Disney animated movies. So pretty much this list. I was tempted to exclude Pixar films and anything not considered a "Disney Classic" but then that would be too easy because everyone would just pick Toy Story 3, (and if you weren't gonna pick that I'm judging you), and the list is pretty short without them.

But this time you have to explain why! Justify your choices! Fight to the death! You also get one runner up because this will probably be super hard.


Disney is full of problematic/awesome stuff so seeing everyone's favourites should be AMAZING and lead to 1000% more judging. Let's GO!

1. Hercules: I can't explain it. This move is just all kinds of awesome. And it's the only one where the (admittedly sanitized) romantic subplot doesn't bug me. Dude, he moved heaven and hell for his lady.

2. Pocahontas: It's so pretty! (and super racist) and the music! (is super racist) but I love it! (even though it's racist....)


3. The Incredibles: This movie is just plain fun. I really wish they'd done a sequel. I remember loving this so much when it came out and I love the concept. Edna Mode is a boss. I still have this on DVD so I rewatch it occasionally.

4. Frozen: I'm surprised at myself, (because I despise the digital princesses (Merida, Rapunzel etc) and much prefer the hand drawn ones) but I really did enjoy this. The music wasn't as great as it could have been, but it really reminded me of golden era Disney musicals and I am STILL IN LOVE with the whole "you want to marry who?!" trope reversal.

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: I think the colours and vibrancy of this always appealled to me. Also the music is BAWSE. Hellfire anyone?

Runner Up: Toy Story 3: I just couldn't help myself! I cry like an idiot EVERY TIME I watch this movie. I was 5 when the first one came out and it was one of the first movies I ever saw in the cinema so the last one felt like an awesome gift from my childhood.

Holy shit that was hard... And I'm not satisfied with this, but I'm sticking with it.