AMA: Ask An Ex-Mormon

The recent AMA threads, and the article about the Mormon couple who got married, and then had sexual problems in their marriage ( has inspired me to do my own AMA.

Here's the basics about my path into and out of Mormonism:

I converted when I was 15, but my (wise) parents wouldn't let me get baptized until I was 18 (hoping I'd come to my senses before then). I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. While a student there, I met my husband ManDork (a returned missionary). We met August 27th, and were married (in the Temple) on December 27th of the same year (quick, even by Mormon standards). As soon as he graduated we moved to Alberta, where our daughter was born. A few months after her birth, we both resigned our membership from the church. We're now happy atheists expecting our second (a boy) any day now (no seriously, he could even be born today). You can read a more in depth story of our exit on my now-defunct ExMo blog (which was a big part in helping me cope with our exit from Mormonism):


All in all I spent about 8 years involved with the church. Like many converts often are, I was extremely devout when I was still a believer. However, I am very happy to answer any and all questions, including inquiries about what happens in the temple. I also have the unique position of being able to address what it's like to be a non-Mormon, then a Mormon, then an ExMo. Plus, I'm bored, and trying to pass the time until MicroDork makes his appearance. So feel free to ask away!