Some of the commenters in these parts are well aware that ManDork and I used to be Mormon. This fact usually comes to light whenever I discuss our embarrassingly short courtship (four months from the day we met to the day we married). He was born and raised LDS. I converted at age fifteen and was baptized at eighteen. We met at BYU, one of three Church-owned universities (the other two being BYU-Idaho and BYU-Hawaii). Today I was asked to do an AMA post by Snacktastic, and...well, here we are.

When I first left the Church* ("resigned" is the term used for members who formally request to have their names removed from the membership rolls), I did a lot of blogging at A Marvelous Work & A Blunder (a pun on a famous LDS book). As time went on and I recovered more from my time in the Church I lost interest in maintaining the site, but I'm still happy to divulge all the insanity of the LDS worldview and lifestyle to anybody willing to listen. I guess I never completely shook that old Mormon missionary spirit...I just evangelize for staying the hell away instead of signing on the proverbial dotted line.

So, go ahead, ask me anything. I was a Temple-worthy member right up to my final crisis of faith. That means I've done all the Temple ceremonies except for what's called the "second anointing" which is basically a super-secret, special ceremony for only the most worthy and specialist of couples and nobody talks about it and there's no way to even know if they're still doing it. And yes, I am more than willing to confirm my one-way ticket to "Outer Darkness" and spill about the Temple ceremonies (my Temple name was Deborah, just FYI).


I do have two Little Daleks to care for, which may mean I go through periods of delayed answering. But if you ask, I will do my very best to provide and answer, even if it takes me a while, and even if this post is old by the time you ask something.

Take it away curious commenters!


*In this post and the comments I will likely capitalize words as I would were I still LDS.