Amazon is amazing. It has everything you could possibly think of except for a fighter jet to go with my tank. However, there are several items that are serious lacking. In the poster department, there is a lack of JJ Watt. In the knick knack department, there is a lack of JJ Watt items. In the clothing department, there is a lack of JJ Watt items. In the home and garden, department, there is a lack of JJ Watt. In other words, the lack of decent JJ Watt items troubles me, deeply. However, I have found more items that have capture my attention enough(even though they have nothing to do with JJ Watt) that it warrants being on my wishlist.

Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

Man, have I been slicing bananas wrong my entire life. And so many other people on amazon. Look, it even saved someone's marriage. Just by that alone means this gadget should be a requirement in kitchens everywhere. However, bananas may stop talking to me if I use it, would that be considered a win?

Typos Happem T-shirt Heather Grey

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that typos and auto-correct are attracted to me. I must be the type of person they tend to fall head over heels for apparently. This shirt would most definitely celebrate and announce that love for everyone to see.

Darth Vader Pet Costume

Pugsley would look adorable in this thing and with a face like this I am sure he would agree. I have no shame.

Nicolas Cage Pillowcase Covers

Who wouldn't want Nicholas Cage face plaster on a pillow that collects drool as said person dreams of JJ Watt Nicholas Cage? If someone says they don't then they are a liar liar with pants on fire (Why yes, I'm 11). Just look at those giant hands. You know what they say about guys with giant hands, right??? That their handfuls are bigger so guard your chips wisely.(That's what they say right? Oh please let that be what they say.)

Marvel Retro Gym Bag

Look at it. Look at it and marvel at how much awesome this bag contains. So Wow. Much Retro. Me Likey. They even have a matching messenger bag and a toiletry bag. Just so much marvelous awesome.

Gifts & Decor Grinning Realistic Replica Human Skull Home Statue

Admit it. You have always wanted to do Hamlet's little "To be or not to be" line of deep thought. Well, now you can. While you are doing that, I will pretend that Gargoyles happened in real life with these two.

So while I figure out what my first official post will be for each new Kinja clubs(Book, TV, Movie), I will browse Amazon for random things to add to the list. If it is outrageous and believable that I actually want it then its gets added because I love those messages and phone calls asking want the hell am I going to do with this or that.

Also again thank you to two special people who did something pertaining to the list but I don't want to embarrass or give much details about. Just know I'm grateful and thank you.