There are many reasons people drink but when it comes right down to them they often depend on social influence or emotion. Some of these are fairly predictable but I realised there’s one that I realised I should be ashamed of, yet I’m not.

When I’ve had a night of drinking that was either super unusual or emotional, I have a small drink at home. Often less than a usual glass. Such as tonight we spoke about many topics, I had a short walk home to myself but I’m not ready to lay the night or the thoughts to rest. So I sit outside, though it’s windy and cold, and think about the night. I listen to music and try to remember what made this evening special. Or what I still need to figure out. I sit and listen and feel and have a drink before I lay down to sleep.

I’m sure this isn’t normal behaviour but it provides me with a sense of calm, or a sense of glee at some times. It’s like I don’t want the night to end. Either because it was fun, or because I’m still learning/processing

Does anyone else have unusual drinking behaviours?