Yay! I can post on gt now! Some of you may already know me a bit. But here is a short bio. I am female and 30. I am also disabled and agoraphobic. So I often end up home on the Internet, or indulging one of my other hobbies. I love books the most. I enjoy reading almost anything. I also like tv, writing, art, online shopping, and a tiny bit of video games. The more that I post, the more you all will get a feel for my more specific tastes and my more intricate problems. But that’s enough for now. Question though, does anyone have any Thanksgiving decor or costume ideas that are not about Pilgrims and might translate well into pixels? A decorating and dressing up online game I play welcomes player suggestions. Every Thanksgiving, they have had first Thanksgiving themes. I don’t like it so I want to suggesr other items to them. All I can think of though are interactive hay wagons, turkey wishbones, and mash potato sculptures. I’d love more ideas to suggest and then hope that enough gets listened to by the devs.