I was supposed to go to an open house tomorrow for another apartment we really liked. But they had an open house on Thursday that I couldn’t make (because it was at 11 am and I work during the day...) and they called us today to tell us it’s already rented out. This housing market is freaking insane.

So when we saw a craigslist posting this morning for another apartment with every single thing we wanted and our ideal location, we said fuck it and just submitted an application immediately. I’m going to an open house for it tomorrow and as long as it’s not like horribly misrepresented we’re pretty much ready to tell them we can sign a lease on the spot.

I really hope it works out. It looks pretty perfect for us. I saw a couple of apartments in the last day that were...adequate. I wasn’t really excited about them in any way but I could comfortably live there and afford it. Then I looked up one of the management companies and it had HORRIBLE reviews. Sigh.


It’s just so frustrating because I adore the apartment I’m living in now. But I can’t live there and live with the Constable, so it is going to be worth it to move out. But damn is it depressing to look at a bunch of apartments and just think “I don’t like this nearly as much as where I live now and I’d have to pay up to 30% more than my current rent to live here...”