I am making a wedding dress for a friend, and no, I will never make another wedding dress again because I can't take the stress. The other day I get a call from my friend, the bride, freaking the fuck out. She had shown a "friend" of hers a picture I took of her wearing the unfinished muslin dress. Now, I must add when the bride saw this mock up she got so excited. It was not even out of the real fabric but she was so happy and felt so pretty and could not wait to see the real thing. And then "friend" opened their mouth.

"Is that your dress?? That's not like the pictures you were showing me! The sleeves are too long. Why are there pleats in the front? You're going to look fat."

Assholes spewing opinions no 1 cur about.


Yes. This is what some douche canoe said to the bride. She tried to explain that was not the dress, just the shape and fit of the dress, but she of course started to doubt everything. I had to talk her down and remind her how nice it looked on her.

I could punch that asshole right in the neck. She is a fabulous, beautiful woman that has always gotten shit because she is not petite. I have always kinda thought of her like the women from planet Amazonia on Futurama. Hot babe, she just towers over you. For some reason people can't handle a tall woman that is not thin like a runway model so apparently that means she must be fat. Fuck. That.

Assholes spewing opinions no 1 cur about.

This dress is going to to look fabulous, because she is fabulous. And if anyone so much as looks sideways at her for not going with "traditional pure white ball gown" like she did with her first wedding I will vaporize them with my death glare.