So yesterday I complained about my awful coworker and her awfulness, here is the link for context and if you want to feel ragey but there is diet and fat shamey talk:…

So the awful co-worker and another girl are having their birthday lunch in the office tomorrow. The boss buys lunch from wherever the birthday person wants and a good time is had by all.

So because there are two people sharing the birthday they decided to get Chinese food. Awful Co-worker decides to tell the boss the decision by


I said "Wow that's not cool at all." and walked out. It was the only thing I could do without causing too much drama in an office of only 7.


I seriously think I need to start job-hunting because this woman is so awful and in such a small environment its a problem. However I don't want to leave a job I like, I make decent money and have 100% benefits without paying into them and they actually believe people should work to live rather than live to work.

Ageism possibly approaching this woman is 70, should I tough it out because more than likely she'll be retiring in a year or two?