You guise! I finally settled on a theme for the Littlest Dalek's first birthday (don't judge, I LOVE themed kid parties).


Everybody in the family likes dinos. We've even given each kid prehistoric nicknames (VeLUCYraptor and THEOplurodon). So I think it's something we'll all enjoy.


There will be fossil decorations and activities. I ordered a dino-shaped kiddie pool to fill with ball pit balls (because FUCK NO I AM NOT MESSING WITH SAND) and dino skeletons that the big kids can dig up and take home (instead of a pinata). And we'll have fossil cake, pretty orange, brown, and green decorations, and it will be cute!

The cupcakes will be served in these (ooooh, pretty!):


I Finally Picked a Theme!

There will be favor boxes for the big kids (basically all of the firstborn Little Dalek's friends since their parents are mostly who I will invite - we don't have family in town save one person). And I will snag discount candy (Robin's Eggs -yum!) after Easter to put in the goodie bags as "dino eggs."

I'm thinking we need a pin the party hat on the dino game, and maybe a showing of Land Before Time to get the herd of kindergarteners quiet for a while so the grown-ups can socialize.

Besides dessert (cake and cupcakes), I'm gonna serve veggie sticks and some sort of snack mix in cute little containers in the party colors. But I haven't come up with dino-puns for the snacks, nor have I decided what to serve as the main food. Pizza is obviously easy, but depending on price, I might go with a party sub from subway. If you have any thematic food/drink puns, please let me know.

I picked the color scheme based on the invite I plan to buy:

I Finally Picked a Theme!

I like that it's not baby-ish. Plus, who doesn't love dinosaurs? SQUEEEE! I'm so excited!