ahmergherrrrrddd!! At the weekend we saw some friends of MrKayKay who have got two small children (one 2 years, one 5 months), and they are SO FUCKING CUTE. Kids and babies get passed around from person to person over here, and whenever I get the baby I NEVER WANT TO GIVE HER BACK. And she's SUCH an easy baby!

I'm pretty sure at some point I'm just going to try slipping her under my coat and making a run for it. Okay, so that's not true, but still.

I've always told MrKayKay that we'd need to be married before having babies, which he totally LOVES because it means at least another two years before babies.


Even though I always very much wanted to be married before having kids (even on a purely logistic point of view: I want to be able to drink. I'd like to fit into the kind of wedding dress I like. I'd like not to work out wtf I do about babysitters? Or would sprog come too? I have no idea), now I am wondering. MrKayKay has a fairly horrific job at the moment with long hours - so I can understand he would want things to calm down first before getting engaged. But in all honesty I just find it frustrating. I'm at that age now where the majority of my friends are married with children and it's a bit......