...and I've been stuck at home all day, I made you guys some ring mockups! Happy New Year!

I made one for each of the Great Houses, and a few others. I tried to stick to groups with members that've been seen in the show. I used the ring creator on Gemvara, so if you see one you really like and you have some major cash to spend (some of these are over $2000), you could theoretically own one of these bad boys. The ring designs for House Baelish and House Targaryen don't actually have an engraving option, however.

(House Tarth's actual words are as yet unknown; I couldn't find a quote from Brienne that I liked and was short enough, so I went with something that I felt fit her philosophy.)

I'll probably do a few more of these. If anyone has a house or group that they'd like to see ring-i-fied, let me know!