Hello, GT lovelies! It's time again for Scary Things! I apologize for the long hiatus, and I look forward to totally screwing up your ability to sleep!

Tonight, we're talking about creepy workplaces. Have you ever worked someplace that was haunted, or Just Not Right? Share your story in the comments! As usual, I will get the ball rolling.

I worked for some years in a bar and music venue that was haunted. You would constantly see a guy out of the corner of your eye - oddly enough, especially on day shifts. He was not in direct line of sight, but you got enough information from your glimpse that all of us who experienced it (i.e. everyone who worked there for more than a month or two) described him the same way; average height, slightly stocky, older, wearing a brown coat and some sort of cap. Candles lit themselves (as in, directly in front of my eyes while I was alone in the building with all the doors locked), dishes were hurled as much as ten feet in front of witnesses, people heard their names called, all of it. We didn't mind all that, honestly. It could be startling, but it wasn't particularly scary. What was scary was The Thing In The Basement. We never did figure out what was going on, but sometimes the basement was utterly terrifying - activity upstairs would quiet down, and within a day or two the basement was so frightening that people tried to avoid being down there alone. Vague shapes and whispers, and frankly just a nameless terror, were suddenly the main things. Additionally, when things got really bad down there, we would sometimes hear laughter upstairs, and people would suddenly start arguing for no reason, as though some malevolent fog was taking over. Toward the end of my time there, that awful feeling was almost constant - and honestly a lot of people were behaving bizarrely - angry and self-destructive. We all quit right around then.


I also worked in a haunted porn shop, but that's another story. What's your creepy workplace story?