Thought I follow up on Nasty Crone’s idea in one of her comments.

Show us your bicycles and tell us a bit about your trusted version of transportation. What do you love best, what do you hate the most? How is it biking where you live?
How do you transport stuff? Rack, basket, panniers, trailer, backpack?

My bike is a 7 year old Crosser by Giant and while it’s not perfect (V-Brakes :p), I love it to bits. It’s my primary form of transportation besides walking. It’s a great everyday bike (with removable fenders) and it does everything with grace.
While it doesn’t look like a workhorse, it’s very easy to transform it into one with the help of my trailer. The hitch is always attached, but it’s small enough that it doesn’t really stand out.
I’ve already been gushing about the trailer, but seriously, it’s awesome and very much functions as my car. I’d always recommend this set-up regarding shaft/hitch, because you keep all the agility of the bike and the trailer itself is super mobile. Sharp corners are no problem as long it’s wide enough for a trailer. The latter is very important atm, because they closed a foot/railbridge that is my connection to the nice site of the river and the makeshift bridge has to run round the numerous stone alcoves of the shut down bridge.
Btw, that makeshift bridge is super cool, because it’s below the railway and you can look beneath everything that’s under the bridge and you’d never know was there otherwise.

What I’d really love to have in the future is a mountainbike. The crosser is awesome and handles rough ground decently, but it’s still more of a tarmac gal. There are tons of trails around here I’ve been exploring as a hiker, so I hope end of this year or early 2018 I can start looking for one.

The city I’m currently living in is very different from Other City. There bikes rule the streets, here they’re are kind of allowed to coexist. There are bike paths, but they are kind of random and often in horrible condition. It’s still way better than in most other cities and it doesn’t feel like a battle between cars and bikes.