Remember that time I talked about the fact that "twitter feminism" suddenly became "toxic" when WoC started speaking for themselves, engaging in activism online, and demanding that they be allowed space to have their experiences acknowledged, and their work and ideas credited? (I don't, but it totally happened...)

The Nation just published a super long piece called Feminism's Toxic Twitter Wars that basically scapegoats Mikki Kendall and "twitter feminists" for "bullying."

Sure... Let's entirely ignore all of the legitimate criticisms that were made about #femfuture. Let's pretend it was all the big bad black lady's fault.

The dogma that's being enforced in online feminist spaces is often called "intersectionality," but in practice it's quite different from the theory elaborated by Kimberlé Crenshaw, the UCLA law professor who coined the word. [...] Online, however, intersectionality is overwhelmingly about chastisement and rooting out individual sin.

Sure... Let's literally equate a call for intersectionality as "trashing."

One such rule is a prohibition on what's called "tone policing." An insight into the way marginalized people are punished for their anger has turned into an imperative "that you can never question the efficacy of anger, especially when voiced by a person from a marginalized background."

Why not? Let's not pretend that tone policing, (especially when used against marginalized groups) isn't a silencing technique.

In a revolution-eats-its-own irony, some online feminists have even deemed the word "vagina" problematic. In January, the actress and activist Martha Plimpton tweeted about a benefit for Texas abortion funds called "A Night of a Thousand Vaginas," sponsored by A Is For, a reproductive rights organization she's involved with. Plimpton was surprised when some offended Internet feminists urged people to stay away, arguing that emphasizing "vaginas" hurts trans men who don't want their reproductive organs coded as female. "Given the constant genital policing, you can't expect trans folks to feel included by an event title focused on a policed, binary genital," tweeted @DrJaneChi, an abortion and transgender health provider. (She mentioned "internal genitals" as an alternative.) When Plimpton insisted that she would continue to say "vagina," her feed filled up with indignation. "So you're really committed to doubling down on using a term that you've been told many times is exclusionary & harmful?" asked one self-described intersectional feminist blogger

Let's completely and totally ignore the fact that context matters and that while "vagina" is an awesome, amazing word (and organ!) they are not exclusive to women, nor do all women have them, and using the word in this context is trans exclusionary.

"If you look at the mentions for me, for @BlackAmazon, for @FeministaJones, for a lot of other black feminists, it's hard for us to see this other stuff as bullying, I'll be honest with you," she says. "Because we are getting so much more than 'I don't like your article.' And we're getting it all day. I had someone who spent four hours last week dumping porn images into my mentions. I've had people send me pictures of lynchings. So then when somebody says, 'Oh, this article is terrible,' and a bunch of people talk about how terrible an article was, and you say that's bullying—I'm going to side-eye your definition of bullying."

Let's pretend that rape threats and racial violence are on the same level as getting called out for racim online!

The problem, as she sees it, lies in mainstream white feminists' expectations of how they deserve to be treated. "Feminism has a mammy problem, and mammy doesn't live here anymore," Kendall says. "I know The Help told you you was smart, you was important, you was special. The Help lied. You're going to have to deal with anger, you're going to have to deal with hurt." And if it all gets to be too much? "Self-care comes into this. Sometimes you have to close the Internet."

Well, that's one of the few true things they published...


Here's a general PSA: Stop fucking asking me for receipts on white feminism. They fucking exist. Not only do they exist, they are generated daily. We are tired of this shit. We are tired of having our experiences relegated as not important or marginal, and being slapped with racist "angry black woman stereotypes" when we demand that our concerns be voiced. We are tired of being made to look delusional or obsessed when we recognize that we face disproportionate vitriol for smaller infractions.


ETA: Also, can we talk about how no mention is made of what #SIWW was actually about and how it started, and white feminism's complicity in that? Can we talk about the fact that there are documented instances of white feminism engaging in behaviours that do active harm to WoC, like blindly supporting a raging misogynist who drove WoC offline? No? Ok.

STOP YOUR SHIT WHITE LADIES. Come get your people.