Bring Back Troll Patrol!!

Since New Kinja has now taken away the pending comments section, we have an influx of trolls who are not only posting, but getting replied to and promoted in one way or another. As such, I move that we bring back Troll Patrol, someway, somehow.

ETA: Oh, ffs, just go vote here to bring back #trollpatrol. I give up. You have bested me once again, Kinja.

ETA2: For the newbies who don't know, Troll Patrol was how people could easily report comments that violated the commenting policy. For original Jezebel, you just replied with #trollpatrol and hit enter. Easy peasy. With Kinja 1, there was a forum where you posted the link/s with some kind of comment - "troll", "spam", "sexist", "homophobic", "body-shaming", etc. With Kinja 2, TP went away, and we relied on dismissing and "the grays"/pending comments.