SOOO I had a really dumb exboyfriend I met on OKC who cheated on me and left me for his ex and I had bought him sports tickets for Christmas. Well, I got to keep them and I ended up going with a friend and, even though they are NOT the home team, I ended up seeing this guy from high school there. Obviously I was a chicken shit and said nothing. Well, he saw me on OKC.

So I decided to break two rules. 1. talk to anyone from high school (I do not date people from high school. My hometown is WEIRD.) 2. message a dude on OKC first.

Now I am waiting and throwing up because he's kinda really cute and cool and I know his ex-girlfriend and we kind of look the same and we are friends which makes me think it might be a bad idea AND I AM RAMBLING AHHH.