I (foolishly?) volunteered to make the cake for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower in February, contingent on the size of the party being relatively small. I love baking and decorating, and haven't made a fancy cake since my dad's 60th birthday 3 years ago, so I was excited to possibly have a reason to do it. There will be about 30-35 people (more than that and I will back out and go pro, I think). Assuming it stays at that estimate, I feel ok with it.

My concern is, what size pan should I use? And should I make it layered, or not?

I have at my disposal two 9x13 pans, which is what I anticipate using, but I also have two 6-7"-ish (not sure, they don't say) square pans and a couple 9" rounds. Should I make a two-layered 9x13 cake, or two one-layered cakes and lay them side to side? Should I make round ones instead? 9x13 rectangle with square tier? I'll be covering with homemade marshmallow fondant (way tastier and cheaper than store-bought) and will be using this as inspiration:

There will be 4 bridesmaids and 1 bride; I anticipate making them with cupcakes covered with draped fondant in the color of the dresses. The top will be fondant that I cut out and let harden.


I could also do a one-layer 9x13 and cut it into two thin layers, I have the tools to do that.

I saw the "Wilton guide" for serving sizes, but the standard slices are rather tiny, and I'd rather have some input from real people. So, what do you guys say? How much cake will feed that many people?

Editing to add this, since it's probably more realistic of what it'll look like in terms of size and proportion, EXCEPT that it'll be fondant over the cake as well: