Questions about potty training:

How long did it take you to fully potty train your child? My son is 2.5 years old and shows little to no interest in using the potty. :( He loves the sticker chart but doesn't want to use the potty. He's not afraid of it, not showing any anxiety, just isn't telling me when he's already gone in his diaper or if he has to go. Just seems to not care and be perfectly content playing with toys in wet or pooey pants. :(

I know every kid has their own pace and I don't want to rush it or cause any sort of negative feelings towards using the toilet or bodily functions…but I wish he'd be more interested in it. This morning we had a try and he said "mom, go away" so I left him to try on his own…and he just sang himself a penis song. O_O I peeked in and he's just dancing around with no pants and singing about his penis.


Is he too young? How can I encourage him to try more? I'm kind of feeling like a slacker mom here…according to my Facebook buddies' updates, kids are all fully potty trained by 3.