...why is The Following my current favorite show? I watch a lot of television, and I don't really have favorite shows. I see good in many shows. I have an ultimate favorite show, but it's complete, and off the air. I often find myself loving a show more than I thought I did, when I am looking forward to the latest installment for several weeks.

For a while, it was Community, though now I feel like I can always count on that one to be entertaining and amazing, and it's okay if I see it the day after. When I discovered The Vampire Diaries, I found myself looking forward to most episodes in season 4, and I now feel the same as I do about Community. But sometimes, there's a show that people aren't really talking about as Fantastic Televsion—Not To Be Missed, that just hooks me.

I love looking for the overall arc in the storytelling, or a good female character, or interesting developments or something. I am not sure why The Following is currently that show. It's got its share of crazy, and plenty of violence, but it's equal-opportunity violence. It's not men victimizing women; there's that, but there's plenty of the flipside, too, and I'm all for gender equality in my murder-focused television shows. (Criminal Minds—not so good at that.) I like the women of this show. I like that it has fun playing in grey areas. The characters we've come to know are finding their way in this world in a fog, uncertain of where the horizon is, and which way is up, and they are constantly making adjustments to get what they want. Often this includes adjusting their definition of "good." It's like, this season, the writers are playing with, "how far is too far, when seeking revenge? what cost is too high?" and it's fascinating.

Plus, it fights the soapyness most of the time, but occasionally it will give in, and we get crazy love stories to root for. I just wish they'd remember Ryan's heart condition, or explain the miraculous way it was fixed. That was a great character bit in season 1.

Does anyone else watch this? Does my assessment sound accurate? What are your thoughts?