Last night I read a heartbreaking story and I could not think of anything to say so I wrote "hugs". I mean it as a symbol of my compassion and caring. I was thinking about hugs in life. I am not a hugger. I do not hug. Last hug was right before Xmas when the owner of a consignment shop walked up and she gave me a hug. I went along because I knew she meant it as a kind gesture, she is married so I knew it wasn't anything beyond kind gesture.

I was in a store with my mother and saw this woman, a senior, who I had not seen in a year. I missed an interpretation that she would have liked a hug. My mother explained after.

Its kind of easier with cyber hugs because I know it means giving compassion and caring. Real hugs nowhere near easy. Yet I feel a bit hypocritical since I don't hug, to me its a violation of ones space and really feel uncomfortable about getting one.


Yet I am not cold, I ache inside when I read stories of injustice. and the hurt people go through I feel totally helpless in a way. Yet I couldn't help but wonder about hugs. I understand its the simplest gesture to make for many but for me hugs in reality is a gigantic step. Even in college with my gf for a few years we never hugged. (Yes I was a horrible bf although in retrospect I should have discussed this).

I hope no one is offended. I really like everyone here.