Not the “can you call yourself a Feminist and *gasp* show the line of your boob in a photo” BS (we’re still allowed to accept that Amber Rose is a feminist right?), or whether or not Watson is a hypocrite for once upon a time saying Beyonce’s photos felt a bit male gazey to her . . . the photos.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a “Women’s Magazine” in my life, but I’m tempted here because these photos . . . the cover and bolero one almost aside as they’re the least interesting of the lot . . . are stunning!


The composition! The texture and line! The movement and dynamism of the human form and draping of fabric! Have I been missing out on a lot of this kind of artistry by never paying much attention to what I primarily assumed was a venue for advertising “aspirationally” priced brands?

Looking at these photos I feel like I’m looking at the Ballets Russe tackling Shakespeare. Or midway through an opera.