See that shadow of a lady at a crossroads? See how it looks like she is deciding between two paths? It's a metaphor. Subtle, right? The paths represent decisions and the lady represents a lady. This lady, to be precise. What should I do, GT?



I've been out of work for coming up for three years. I was made redundant a week after I had my baby and I just never really felt like I was ready to try to find another job - and so long as we're prepared to go without some unnecessary crap, we are lucky enough money-wise to be able to get away with that.


But I've started looking for a job in my old line of work. It was alright. The pay is pretty good. It's ok. I could be reasonably content doing it for the rest of my career. OR I could turn down a good offer of a solid job and try to become a freelance writer.

[no one has actually offered me a job yet, but I might get an offer soon - and if I keep applying for jobs it's only a matter of time]

These are some of the thoughts running through my mind:


I LOVE writing. But would I love it full-time? Would I get lonely? Will I be successful?

I will earn more money in my old line of work, at least until (unless) I become wildly successful with writing - but by the time I have all the childcare and other expenses I won't be making that much - it's possible I could net more by working from home and earning less.


Could I somehow do both? I don't think I would get much writing done though - I don't get enough done as it is, and I can only imagine I'll achieve less if I have a regular job too.

It would take so much stress off my family if I worked from home. No juggling with school holidays, sick days, after school care... My husband could travel for work without it creating a major drama. If I am up all night with sick kids I could probably fit in a nap rather than being forced to sit in an office achieving very little and feeling miserable.

What if I'm not disciplined enough to be a freelancer?


If I fail and have to start looking for regular jobs again a year from now, will I be that much less employable?

What should I do guys?

[this post will self-destruct since I am doxxed now and I have been telling prospective employees how psyched I am at the prospect of working for them]