Just watched Oklahoma a few days ago which starred Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae.


Let me say both upped their game. I never thought Gordon really got into his role as Curley in Oklahoma. This movie a total homerun same with Jones.

This movie was made after Oklahoma. What struck me the most was Shirley Jones. Oklahoma she came across as much older. Then it struck me. Laurey in OK was fairly practical and a good head in her shoulders. Julie to me was an immature fool who became a damn fool. Yet I felt sorry for her at the same time.

Now my mother said Julie reflected her times. A time when the purpose of being a female was getting married and doing what hubby wanted. Yet the scene where she tells her aunt and friend Billy slapped her she made an excuse for him saying it was because he was not working. I said “say what” my mother said “women then would make excuses flr their abuser”. Please tell me Julies do not exist anymore.


Jones has a song midway through called What’s The Use of Wondering. Its disturbing. She sings that all that’s important is that you “love your fellow” and if he needs you over you “come running like mad”. I kept thinking “Julie he hits you”. I linked the song in.

Yet Oklahoma takes place in same time period and I cannot picture Laurey singing this sing.

Far better then State Fair. Acting of Shirley and Gordon are better then in Oklahoma though Jones was excellent in Oklahoma. Oklahoma was a far more enjoyable.movie. The characters in Carousel I responded more emotionally.too.

The dancing is also topnotch in Carousel.

Also is it me or is Climb Every Mountain from Sound of Music very much,. almost too much like Never Walk Alone.

Next musical is Mary Poppins. I found it today at a yard sale for a dollar, the dvd. We never saw it. Its with Julie Andrews. I also bought Ultimate Dirty Dancing dvd a remastered version. I always thought it was overrated but last saw it in the 90s so maybe I will appreciate it more, the Swayze version.

What are your thoughts?