Someone we sent on a last minute temp assignment called me to complain she was bored.

-You are an adult sometimes work is boring, that's why the Baby Jesus gave us Groupthink

-Um it's for 3 days, you said you needed money how exciting did you think temp work was going to be


-It's not as "interesting" as her last temp job. Oh you mean the one they didn't ask for you back and someone else got the temp-perm job.

-Her skills "Aren't being utilized" well fuck I'm not using my history degree. Again it's for 3 days of work obviously they just needed an extra set of hands they don't need to train

As she was talking she realized how ridiculous she sounded. Look I understand being in a tedious PERMANENT JOB is fucking terrible. I get that I do. But for 3 days you sit in air-conditioning and do some paperwork there are worse things in the world.

ETA: Company called and said they don't need her after today. Shocker.