I haven’t bought new clothes (except workout) for about a year. I have reached the point that I need new pants. Mine are ok, but loose. I don’t super like my clothes because I bought them (some were given to me) when I gained weight (thanks prednisone). I have been able to pull out some old pieces that were too small to expand my wardrobe, but I think I have to bite bullet and go shopping.

I feel happy, but I sort of hate that people are noticing (weird). It’s been slow. Maybe about 8-10 pounds (I don’t really track it) in over 7 months, but with significant toning. I was never really overweight, just heavier than normal for me and definitely out of shape in an unhealthy way. I could barely walk a mile without feeling exhausted when I got my ass off the couch. People are telling me I look nice. I am dressing a little nicer, but people are making a big deal. I think they think the change is all about clothes and not realizing I look different so people keep asking why I am dressing so nice. Someone came to me and asked me if I was interviewing for other jobs because they were upset thinking I might leave.

It’s all positive, but I sort of hate the attention. I feel weird about poeple noticing if I buy a bunch of new clothes. WTF is wrong with me that I can’t enjoy something I worked for.