First off, a huge, HUGE thank you to BarelyLethal for taking over craft post duties while I was away! I am going to figure out how you did your header image, because it looks way nicer than mine (which is done five minutes before eleven, usually).

Now, I had seven days on a boat, and two days basically flying around in the air. How much crafting did I get done?

Jack. Shit.

For all my prep work and all my fretting, I got barely anything done on my scarf. I did manage to knock out the first clue, though:

This was the first day, and really, was the last bit of significant knitting I would do for the next two weeks. My issues:

  • Discovered that I can't knit while next to my husband on the airplane, as all the little movements drive him insane.
  • Printed out the wrong god-damn clue to take with me.
  • Discovered that dealing with a chart is hard when winds are high.
  • Discovered that knitting off of a chart on my Kindle Fire was problematic.
  • Decided that drinking and double knitting do not go together.
  • Decided that I really just wanted to read my book.

So, while I was planning on doing all this knitting on the boat, I ended up doing nada. Didn't even break out my back-up project. Next time, I'm just going to take something stupidly simple with me.


But now I'm back. Excuses are done. I'm going to be back on the stick, starting now!

How about you? What did you do?