Hellooo everyone, how are you all doing? What have you been creating?

The last week or so I’ve been working on a freelance drawing assignement and boy have I had a lot of anxiety about it!

Did I get the right skin colour? Omg it looks streaky? Am I trying too hard to create variety? Omg I made a mistake! I have to start over! Wait I cant Im halfway in and already way over budget! Ill never finish! What if they hate it??


But despite this stress, goddamn am I happy with this assignment! Not only has it pushed me to learn a bit more about what Im doing and invest in more professional material, its an incredible assignement itself! I get to draw portraits of a group of people as their superhero counterpart (based off a personality test), who wouldnt want to do that? And Ive had boobieguy who doesnt miss an oppertunity to let me know that he thinks Im creating goos stuff. Instead of feeling mu chest get tighter from more anxiety I can take a deep breath and accept it, supported by him (even if its only via chat at times) Also, snapchat is a godsent.

Ah heck, Ill share the drawings here! Another way to get over that “nothing I create will ever be good enough so keep it to yourself silly girl” (Ill delete them later)

Share something you made! Im very curious how our creative gt crew is doing :)