So my Mom called me to ask for crock pot and make ahead recipes for my Dad so that he will eat healthier. I have a good repertoire of such recipes, but they poopoo'ed every one of them. I'm at a loss because they are sooooooooo picky. Can you help?

The desires:

-Has vegetables


-Make ahead

Sounds easy right? I have about 10 that make semi-regular rotation.

But, here are the dealbreakers:

-Not too much acid aka tomato/tomato sauce. It can have them but it can't be a main ingredient. I'll give them this, it is a body thing.

-Not soup

-No beans or heavy reliance on beans including chilis

-No cabbage (ie that amazing sweet and sour pork and cabbage and apple that they won't even try)

-No coconut milk (ie curries)

-No "exotic" ingredients she can't get at her small rural grocery store, even if I provide the spice mix.