Alright! Nice to be here, I hope you're all comfy and warm. Now, hold your breath make a wish, count to three, come with me to a world of pure fascination!

Let's begin with Cassiebearrawr...who is insisting the best kind of olive is a Kalmata. Concur? Disagree? (TEAM NICOISE, BITCHES!) Or, are you a peacemaker like the ever so Fearsome Fluffycat? Or, are you no longer my friend and hate all olives?

Remember those awkward field trips when people from one school have to interact with people from another and everyone's all like "Oh...they're soo weird!" Or, were you like me and were all like "Hey there, stranger...wanna be my...friend?" In between somewhere? Welcome to the Inaugural Crosstalk/Groupthink Joint Open Thread! Just remember to make sure you go home on the right bus.

Shiny Red Robocalypse bringing the ooey, gooey goodness of the grilled cheese!

Still with me? Good! What we'll see will defy explanation!

Unless your the person Vollmus is talking about. Because, friends, a person has finally been able to explain what "Sexy" is.

Silent(Sugar)Hill shares with us that one of the Dancing Bears from Miley's VMA thingie did a Reddit AMA.

Cumberbuttcheeks shares with us what some feel their boyfriends should wear. Lots of cuffed pants, apparently...I dunno. Too many boys these days, running around, showing ankle...IT'S THE END OF CIVILIZATION. But seriously, can we stop telling each other what to do/wear/think. Unless it's my boyfriend. I'd like to see a little more chartreuse in his wardrobe.

KillerMartinis asks us "What have you only discovered was abnormal as an adult?" For luckymacabre44, it was the lack of Ranch dressing in some places; Horrible_Pourable's family takes a while unwrapping and savouring gifts; I don't get people who don't eat Hoodsie Cups.

We continue! Anything you want to, do it...with the help of GT!

BooGhost, Carlos needs help with a depressed teen

Boo!Alaskan is looking for help creating a thank you gift for her neighbors.

Euphronia has a question about racism and sexism in the classroom.

KILLKILLKILL's friend is a union rep and is dealing with a horribly passive aggressive boss—who seems to be an emotionally manipulative bum. Any advice for what to do when there's no HR?

TheBearWitchProject is feeling sick. Go send love!

There is no life I know to compare with pure fascination!

Or when the adult's away! Dweeze is leaving us for a bit. We've got $60 for pizza money (mushrooms and olives!). We can have a friend over...anyone cute/fun from Crosstalk?

And finally, as it's my 1st Daily Dump and I'm feeling sad already that it's done. A little sodade.